Life Sciences Newsletter, September 2017

Reimbursement of optics products dependant on Product Tracking System subscription

Bentley James Yaffe and Nehir Aydeniz, Gün + Partners

In June 2017, the system for the registration of medical devices was switched from the National Databank of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TITUBB) to the Product Tracking System (UTS).

According to a follow-up announcement on the website of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Authority, the modules for the tracking of optics products are expected to be operational from 11 September 2017.

The announcement makes clear that, in addition to opticians, all companies that manufacture, import, or distribute optics products will need to subscribe to these modules. Those that do not complete their registrations will be unable to benefit from reimbursement payments made under the reimbursement system of the Social Security Institution.

The announcement goes on to clarify the different ways in which companies and opticians may register, depending on whether they were registered under the preceding TITUBB system. The use of electronic signatures appears to be necessary; hardcopy applications do not appear to be an option.

Source: Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency: Optical Products become available as of 11 September 2017, September 2017 (Turkish language).

First published by Practical Law, in 01.10.2017