As the impact of the COVID-19 continues to evolve, we face this unprecedented situation together. Companies around the world need to act promptly. Our priority is to continue to provide high quality client service, while protecting the health and safety of our people and their families.

Our COVID-19 HUB is designed to keep our stakeholders updated and help them understand the legal effects of COVID-19 outbreak, and take steps to maintain their businesses in Turkey.

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Advertisement Board Imposed Sanctions against Exorbitant Price Increase during COVID-19 Outbreak
Technology, Media and Telecom, 05.06.2020

Dividend Distribution Restrictions Imposed on Equity Companies in Scope of COVID-19 Measures
Corporate and M&A, 05.06.2020

Getting Back To Work: How to Prepare Workplaces for the “New Normal” After COVID-19
Employment, 29.05.2020

Compensatory Working under COVID-19 Measures
Employment, 20.05.2020

Suspension of Judicial Terms Due to COVID-19 Extended
Dispute Management, 19.05.2020

Combating Counterfeit Hygiene Products, Along With COVID-19
Anti-Counterfeiting, 13.05.2020

Precautions to Be Taken in Clinical Trials Due to COVID-19
Life Sciences, 12.05.2020

Prohibition on Termination and Unilateral Unpaid Leave Enters Into Force
Employment, 29.04.2020

How Do Insurance Contracts Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak?
Insurance and Reinsurance, 21.04.2020

MedTech Europe Guidance Regarding Conduct During COVID-19 Crisis
Life Sciences and Business Crimes and Anti-Corruption, 10.04.2020

European Parliament Approved the Proposal for Postponing the Implementation Date of Medical Device Regulation No (EU) 2017/745 (MDR)
Life Sciences, 09.04.2020

The Effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on Deadlines in Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Rights
Trademarks and Designs , Copyrights , Anti-Counterfeiting and IP Prosecution, 30.03.2020

COVID-19 Suspended the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Proceedings and the Terms
Dispute Management and Business Crimes and Anti-Corruption, 27.03.2020

COVID-19 Suspended Judicial Terms
Dispute Management and Business Crimes and Anti-Corruption, 26.03.2020

Health Claims for Anti-Coronavirus Products in Advertising
Technology, Media and Telecom and Life Sciences, 26.03.2020

What Are the Recent Decisions and Announcements Made by Government Health Institutions?
Life Sciences, 25.03.2020

Coronavirus Support Package Announced on 18 March 2020 and Its Effects on Sectoral Basis
Corporate and M&A, Employment, Administrative, Tax and Regulatory, Construction and Real Estate and Finance, 23.03.2020

Processing of Personal Data in COVID-19 Outbreak
Technology, Media and Telecom, 18.03.2020

What Does Labour Law Say About COVID-19?
Employment, 18.03.2020

Impact of Coronavirus on Contracts and Force Majeure
Corporate and M&A, 13.03.2020


COVID-19’s Impacts on Criminal Raids and Customs Suspensions Based on Trademark Infringement
Anti-Counterfeiting, 29.04.2020

COVID-19’s Impacts on Trademark Prosecution
IP Prosecution, 07.04.2020

COVID-19’s Impacts on Employment
Employment, 27.03.2020

COVID-19’s Impacts on the Judiciary
Dispute Management, 27.03.2020

COVID-19’s Impact on Contracts and Relation with Force Majeure
Corporate and M&A, 27.03.2020

COVID-19 and Personal Data Protection
Technology, Media and Telecom, 26.03.2020

Impacts of COVID-19 on Patent Law
Patents and Utility Models, 26.03.2020


Webinar: Key Developments and Predictions for Trademark Law in Turkey - 2020 With a Focus on the Impacts of the COVID-19
Trademarks and Designs, 12.05.2020

Webinar: World IP Day – Conversation on Impact of COVID-19 on IP
Intellectual Property, 27.04.2020

COVID-19 Update from Gün + Partners
Gün + Partners, 16.03.2020


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