International Insurance Law and Regulation 2020

Introduction to the April 2020 Edition of International Insurance Law and Regulation

International Insurance Law and Regulation is a comprehensive collection of commentary from internationally recognized practitioners who are experts in their jurisdictions. These specialists discuss the law and regulation of insurance in their region, creating a country-by-country guide on doing business in  his highly structured and regulated industry.

The April 2020 edition contains the following updated or revised chapters:

Chapter 14, Croatia

Chapter 23, Ireland

Chapter 27, Japan

Chapter 31, Luxembourg

Chapter 34, Myanmar

Chapter 35A, Nigeria

Chapter 39, The Philippines

Chapter 44, South Africa

Chapter 45, South Korea

Chapter 50, Turkey

Chapter 53, Vietnam

Each of these chapters has been written and updated by attorneys from these countries who are experts on their subject matter.

Please see below highlights from the Turkey chapter:

The New Economic Program, which concerns projections for 2019-2021, strives for ‘‘economic balancing’’ and ‘‘healthy and sustainable growth’’; and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance concordantly created Türk Reasürans Anonim S¸ irketi ("Turk Re") on 6 September 2019 as a lifeline for the Turkish reinsurance market. The Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency was established as an autonomous authority on 18 October 2019 to act as the new insurance regulatory agency after the Under secretariat of Treasury. The new Judicial Reform Strategy was announced on 30 May 2019, and the admission, appointment, and conduct of arbitrators and experts under the Insurance Arbitration Commission has been regulated.

First published by Thomson Reuters (West), in 20.05.2020

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