Life Sciences Newsletter, June 2017

New system for medical devices launched
Dicle Doğan and Merve Çimen, Gün + Partners

>On 2 June 2017, the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency announced a new electronic system for registration of medical devices (and cosmetic products) in Turkey. The new system, called the Product Tracking System (UTS), replaces the Turkish Pharmaceutical and Medical Device National Information Database (TITUBB) and as of 12 June 2017, companies have started to use the new system for their registration applications. The existing registrations on TITUBB have been transferred to UTS by the agency and companies are entitled to check and confirm these registrations. The agency has also published on its official website all documents required for the registration process.

>Although the TITUBB system was effective for the purposes of the registration process that is mandatory in order to place a medical device (or cosmetic product) on the market, the new system has been developed to enable the agency to track a single product from its manufacture or importation until it reaches the end user.

Source: Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency: Announcement on the launch of Product Tracking System (UTS), 2 June 2017 (Turkish language).

First published by Practical Law, in 01.07.2017