New Energy Drinks Communique Prohibits Sale of Energy Drinks to Under 18s

On June 30 2017 the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock published the Food Codex Energy Drinks Communique 2017/4 in the Official Gazette (30110). The communique introduces significant amendments to the market supply, advertising, labelling and sale of energy drinks.

The communique maintains the same component ratios for energy drinks as the abrogated communique. The supply and advertisement of energy drinks are prohibited in sports facilities, school cafeterias and hospitals. Further, the advertisement and promotion of energy drinks, directly or indirectly in so-called mass consumption places is prohibited. In terms of labelling requirements, the mandatory warning on labels, which recommends that energy drinks should not be consumed during and after intense physical activity, now includes the warning that the consumption of energy drinks is not recommended before intense physical activity. Finally, the most important amendment regards sales, as the sale of energy drinks to individuals under the age of 18 is prohibited.

Business operators must comply with the new communique no later than December 31 2017. Although it seems that these amendments were made to protect public health, the reasoning was not shared with the public.

First published by ILO – Product Regulation & Liability Newsletter, in 10.08.2017