Webinar: Recent Developments About Dispute Management in Turkey and Comparison With Selected Jurisdictions

While some courts remained fully operational even in the most challenging times of Covid-19, some others only accepted urgent matters. In most of the jurisdictions the courts transitioned to conducting virtual hearings and accepting electronically filed documents. Arguably the reaction of the arbitration practitioners and institutions to this unique development were well ahead in comparison to state courts. Whether it is a court proceedings or arbitration there will be a new era for dispute resolution process post Covid-19. The legal practitioners from selected jurisdictions will share their insight, experience and opportunities on this matter.


  • COVID-19’s Impact on Dispute Resolution: Is it really all that bad?
  • How lawyers, arbitration institutions and courts adapted to the Covid-19? Are they immune to the Covid-19 or they need vaccine?
  • Pre Covid-19 era, as a lawyer, what would you advise if you could turn back time to just before the Covid-19?
  • Post Covid-19 era, new trends in dispute management; shifting to arbitration, virtual hearings
  • Q&A