Certificate of Competence for Product Promotion Representatives

Dicle Doğan and Fatma Sevde Tan, Gun + Partners

Article 10 of the Regulation on Promotional Activities of Medicinal Products for Human Use states that the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency shall issue a certificate of competence to the following individuals:

  • Graduates of universities that educate product promotion representatives, upon submission of their diploma to the agency.
  • Graduates from a school of higher education who have succeeded in a specified examination given or commissioned by the agency.

The implementation of the Article was previously postponed until 1 January 2019. Online applications for the certificate are now being accepted, as announced (Turkish language) by the agency on 23 November 2018, and certificate will be issued by the agency to those who have the necessary university qualifications or who have passed the relevant examination before 1 January 2019 and possess at least a high school degree. An exception to the high school graduation requirement is made for those who have worked as product promotion representatives for two years in the five years prior to the publication of this regulation.

As a result of each successful application, the agency shall distribute a unique QR code to the representative and this code shall be placed on their ID card. The representatives will be required to use this card when promoting to physicians, pharmacists and dentists. Candidates who are not issued with a certificate are not eligible to work as a product promotion representative of a pharmaceutical company.