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Trademark Law in Türkiye Key Developments and Predictions - 2024

While the year 2023 did not bring substantial changes to the Turkish Trademark Law practice, it can still be considered an important year in terms of introducing some modifications and innovations in application. A portion of the year, especially due to the changes in judges at the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Courts in Istanbul, passed with uncertainties. However, with the appointment of new judges to these Courts in the last quarter of the year, there has…

Data Protection and Privacy Law in Turkey Key Developments and Predictions - 2023

This year’s report focuses on the basic regulations and principles of personal data protection law, developments in Turkey, and the most important or challenging issues regarding data privacy as well as the latest developments in the field of personal data protection, the latest decisions and published guidelines. The Law on the Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“Law”) entered into force in 2016. In 2022, it has been observed that settled case-laws have started to…

Media and Advertising Law in Turkey Key Developments and Predictions - 2023

2022 has been an important year with significant developments for advertising law practice in Turkey. During this year, new regulations have been enacted and the Advertisement Board rendered prominent guiding decisions regarding commercial advertisements and unfair commercial practices. According to publicly available statistics, the Advertisement Board reviewed 1101 complaints in the first half of 2022, 949 of which were found contrary to the law and issued cease orders with…

Patent Law in Turkey Key Developments and Predictions - 2023

After adapting to the innovations brought by the Intellectual Property Law (“IPL”) and the difficulties, it has brought into practice, this time the Turkish patent system has entered the process of adapting to the changes that have occurred after the pandemic. In parallel with the rest of the world, new pages have been opened in the Turkish patent law system by entering a new phase after the pandemic to keep patent rights in a reasonable balance with international epidemics.…

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Law in Turkey Key Developments and Predictions - 2023

The year 2022, in which we have left behind the significant effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, has been a hectic year for the life sciences industry. It is expected that 2023 will be at least as busy as 2022 due to the amendments in the pharmaceutical and medical device legislation in the EU and the fact that presidential elections will be held in Turkey. The increase in the quality of health services and patients’ access to medicines has inevitably increased the demand for…

Copyright Law in Turkey Key Development and Predictions 2023

Turkish copyright law continues to develop solutions to issues arising from new technological developments while also focusing on existing and traditional sub-fields. Many plagiarism cases concerned with cinematographic works have been filed in the past year, receiving significant media coverage. Expert reports have elaborated on the subject of plagiarism in these cases, including those filed against award-winning films and TV shows. The elaboration of the term before the…

News and Events

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Güldeniz Doğan Alkan to Speak at the MARQUES IP Challenges in the Age of GenAI Webinar

Güldeniz Doğan Alkan, partner in our Trademarks and Designs practice, will speak at the upcoming Webinar on IP Challenges in the Age of GenAI organised by MARQUES on June 26. The speakers will look at generative AI models and their impact on trade mark, design and copyright law, including the latest developments concerning liability for infringement under the EU AI Act. The webinar is organised by the MARQUES Cyberspace Team and will cover the following topics: Ownership…

We are Attending the 10th Annual IBA World Life Sciences Conference in Madrid

The 10th Annual IBA World Life Sciences Conference will take place on 30 - 31 May 2024 in Madrid, Spain. In a conference spanning two days, legal experts from the industry, authorities and private practice will discuss key developments in all aspects of the healthcare and life sciences sectors, including new regulatory requirements in the EU and the US, Transatlantic Review of Patent Litigation, Effective Resolution in Life Sciences Collaborations, Interoperability and…

Atahan Erkul Will be a Speaker at the Panel Organized by OSS at the Automechanica Istanbul 2024

Atahan Erkul will be a speaker at the panel organized by OSS at the Automechanica Istanbul 2024 Fair on Friday, May 24th, on the Importance of Brand Protection in Maintenance and Repair in the Automotive Sector and Recent Legal Developments. The panel will feature presentations on legal sanctions under brand legislation regarding counterfeit automotive spare parts and an overview of annual activities.

Direnç Bada Highlights IP Enforcement Strategies at USPTO Conference in Istanbul

Our managing associate, Direnç Bada, delivered a speech at the recent USPTO conference titled "Intellectual Property Enforcement at the Border" in Istanbul. The presentation focused on the critical role of private-public collaboration and case studies in strengthening IP enforcement.

Beril Yayla Sapan Moderated TEİD Technical and Digital Evidence Collection and Intelligence Event

Beril Yayla Sapan, our partner in dispute management practice, moderated the event titled 'The Second Step of a Healthy Ethics and Compliance Program: Collection of Technical and Digital Evidence and Intelligence.' This panel was organized by the Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) Internal Investigations Working Group and hosted by Gün + Partners.…

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