Gün + Partners have won Deloitte Turkey‘s Best Managed Companies Award

"Gün + Partners have won Deloitte Turkey‘s Best Managed Companies Award! We are the first and only law firm to receive this recognition in Turkey. A huge thank you and congratulations to the team! Our Partner Özge Atilgan Karakulak said: “We are honored to be named one of the Best Managed Companies in Turkey. We are happy to share this award with each member of our firm who works hard to provide excellent services to our clients.” Deloitte’s leading business awards program, now in its second year in Turkey, is a highly competitive award which recognises the overall success of a company, including the strength of its management team, innovative initiatives, strategic abilities and financial performance. The Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award recognises our firm for our clear principles of equality and diversity; providing fair opportunities for all, and, in particular, protecting and promoting women in the firm. Our firm has a majority female presence at board level, and more widely. The Award also highlights our innovative management processes, such as the use of automation and AI, as well as our self-developed Günce software and other software solutions which allow us to instantly monitor business intelligence, making forecasts and projections in real time. "