Equality of Educational Opportunity:

Within the aim of contributing to the equal opportunities in education; we give support to successful and skilled students from the remote villages of Anatolia, having financial problems, by awarding them scholarships, providing mentorship and giving them the opportunity to participate in our observational internship and summer internship programs. Our founder Mehmet Gün has been conducting a long-term scholarship program to enable female students from his hometown Dere Village, Bozkır to access higher education and to enter the business world, and to empower them economically.

Student Events and Providing Support to International Competitions:

We support the events organized by the student clubs, societies and initiatives in the law faculties as trainers, speakers and mentors. We also support to universities by giving training in our fields of specialization.

We provide mentorship on the matters moots and arbitration as well as financial support to the student teams who participate in moots and similar international competitions and represent our country.

Work Shadowing:

We have created a work shadowing program to enable the law students, with priority to the students from the remote regions of Anatolia, to directly observe the advocacy profession at work, to get an idea of what it entails. Students visit our office for a week and they may directly observe us, participate in our work and start to shape their future plans by examining our sample files.

Summer Internship Program:

Law students who have completed the third grade, may participate in our summer internship program for 3 weeks during their summer vacations and breaks and may get to know our office, works and team in order to help them make their official internship applications for the following year. We also have the chance to get to know them better as well as to get healthier information and gain an impression for our future decisions regarding acceptance of official internship applications.

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