Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

We operate on the fundamental principle of offering everyone equal opportunities, based on individual competence.

We make an effort to have employees from across Turkey in our office, both in terms of geography and society. We strive to ensure that they all our employees feel equally at home in our team.

We do not make any discrimination between female and male employees either when hiring or when promoting members of our team. 60% of our managers and employees are women.

The team work in our office which enables our client work to be carried out without any interruptions and which also guarantees the career progress of our female employees. We also have a variable wage system which provides female employees with income assurance when they need to take maternity leave.

We make an effort to assign our employees responsibilities which match their skills, competence and preferences. We also make every effort to enhance their capacity and abilities through training, courses, conferences and other opportunities. We offer them the chance to earn a fair but variable income which reflects their contribution to the total income generated by the office.

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