The Better Justice Association

The Better Justice Association

Rule of Law and a Better Justice for the Development of Turkey

We defend that an independent and inviolable state of law and accountability of public officials, particularly of members of judicial bodies, are sine qua non for an advanced and fully democratic Turkey and for the enhancement of public welfare.

We believe that the rule of law and efficient protection of fundamental rights and freedoms are prerequisites for growth of the economy and development as well as for safeguarding peace and stability in the country.

We further believe that separation and balance of powers, which will be ensured by making the judicial power efficient, accountable and fully independent, is the key to becoming an advanced state in terms of the judiciary. With this aim; we believe that all legal professions, particularly the profession of advocacy, should transform, institutionalize and become more efficient and accountable. We give support to, participate in and lead the activities aimed at this objective.



The Better Justice Association

With this aim in mind; we give both financial and moral support to the activities conducted by the Better Justice Association, which has been led and chaired by our founder Mehmet Gün from the very beginning and which was founded with the aim of identifying the problems of the Turkish judicial system, and to offer solutions and to reach a mutual understanding.

We are proud of the financial and moral support given to the academic work conducted by the Better Justice Association and particularly to the presenting the proposal concerning Full and Frank Disclosure for Actualization of the Principle of Good Faith in Dispute Resolution, Proposal of the High Institution of Justice, Opinion on the Draft Expertise Law, Judicial Reform Strategy Document and the book written by Mehmet Gün with the contributions of the Association, titled “The Middle Democracy Problems of Turkey: Justice, Accountability, Justice in Representation and Solution”.



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