FICPI Turkish Section under the Spotlight

The initiative for the foundation of the FICPI Turkish section was started in 2012 by a handful of Turkish practitioners, who were individual members of FICPI. The aim of founding the National Section was to be more active within FICPI as Turkish members and to help shape the IP system in our country by keeping abreast of the developments in the world.

With the support of President of FICPI at that time, Mr Bastiaan Koester, the FICPI Bureau and the FICPI officers, various local meetings were held and the number of members tripled within four years. In particular, the meeting attended by Coleen Morrison and Peter Huntsman from FICPI International was very well attended and increased the awareness of FICPI among IP practitioners in Turkey. Finally, in 2016 a local association was founded in Istanbul, which then decided to become a member of FICPI as a National Section.

The foundation of FICPI Turkey was welcomed by all the stakeholders, including the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and IP attorneys.

FICPI Turkey’s mission is to protect the prestige and dignity of the profession of patent and trade mark attorneys, strengthen the connection between the members, ease and regulate the professional relationship between them and conduct activities necessary to hold the profession to international and modern standards and to develop it in Turkey.   

In accordance with its mission, FICPI Turkey has been contributing to the Turkish IP system by closely cooperating with all stakeholders, including sister associations. Members of FICPI Turkey contributed to the draft of the IP Code by attending various meetings at the parliament. Following its foundation, FICPI Turkey has commented on the drafts of various secondary legislations and preparation of the Regulation on the Code of Conduct and Discipline of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys. The practice of the new IP Law has been closely monitored by FICPI Turkey and comments and recommendations are conveyed to the relevant authorities.

FICPI Turkey has also become very active in organising seminars and roundtables. It held its first seminar in 2017 together with Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in Ankara and Istanbul, within two consecutive days. The other two seminars were organised in conjunction with reputable local universities in Istanbul and Izmir. FICPI colleagues from abroad attended these seminars as speakers.

FICPI Turkey roundtables have been organised regularly since the foundation of the local association at least once per quarter each year and have become very popular among the IP practitioners. Open discussion is encouraged at these roundtables on various topics related to profession itself or substantial issues on patents or trade marks. One of the FICPI Turkey board members co-moderates these roundtables together with a guest, either from academia or other FICPI members.

A summary of the discussions is published on FICPI Turkey website, www.ficpi.org.tr,  in Turkish and also reported to FICPI, to be a considered for publication as FICPI e-news. Attendees comment that roundtables provide an open forum for a high-level discussion among the practitioners and foster peer learning.


FICPI Turkey has been receiving very positive feedback from the IP community with regard to its relatively fast growth and contribution to the IP system, in particular for the local events it organises.  FICPI Turkey has adapted to Covid-19 pandemic semi-lockdown, organised a virtual roundtable and has plans to run various other online events during 2020, while face-to-face roundtables aren’t possible due to social distancing.

FICPI Turkey will continue its work on enhancing cooperation within the profession of IP attorneys in private practice and arranging events for the professional development of its members and others interested in IP.


FICPI brings together independent IP attorneys who are committed to high quality work, to connect, share knowledge and grow. As a worldwide organisation, FICPI connects members on an international scale as well as through National Sections such as Turkey’s, offering a nexus to build strong relationships by connecting groups of people who share common goals and concerns.

First published by FICPI News, in 09.06.2020

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