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New Minimum Capital Requirements in Turkey: Impact on Joint Stock and LLCs

With the Presidential Decree numbered 7887 and published in the Official Gazette dated 25 November 2023 and numbered 32380, it has been decided to increase the minimum capital amount for joint stock and limited liability companies by 5 times. According to this regulation, as of 1 January 2024, the new minimum capital amounts will be as follows:     Minimum Capital Amount According to the Previous Legislation Minimum Capital Amount According to the New… »

Can Trade Names Lead to Trademark Infrıngement in Turkey?

Whether a trade name or business name can create trademark infringement and unfair competition, particularly in cases where the trade name is not used as a trademark, is a controversial issue in Turkey. This issue has been subject to numerous disputes under both Decree Law No. 556 Pertaining to Protection of Trademarks and the Industrial Property Code (the IP Code). The courts, by considering the applicable provisions of the legislation in force, as well as the specific facts… »

Draft Regulation by Turkey's Competition Authority: A Step Forward in Cartel Transparency

Article 4 of Code No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition ("Code") prohibits agreements, concerted practices, and decisions that restrict competition. The Regulation on Active Cooperation for Detecting Cartels ("Existing Regulation") published in the Official Gazette dated 15.02.2009 and numbered 21142 has been in force for more than 14 years to reveal cartels, which are considered the most serious competition violations in competition law, involving agreements and/or… »

Developments Regarding the Renting of Residential Places for Tourism Purposes

The Law No. 7464 on the Renting of Residential Places for Tourism Purposes and Amendments to Certain Laws (the "Law") was published in the Official Gazette on November 2, 2023. The Law regulates in detail the conditions for renting residential places up to 100 days and the obligations of those who rent their premises for short terms for tourism purposes. The relevant provisions of the Law will come into force on January 1, 2024. Considering that short-term rental activities… »

Turkish Constitutional Court Annuls Advertisement Board’s Power to Block Access to Websites

Turkish Constitutional Court (“Court”) annulled the paragraph 12 of Article 77 of the Consumer Protection Law, which granted the Advertisement Board the power to partially or entirely block access to websites containing unlawful advertising content. The relevant rule was considered to be unconstitutional pursuant to the Court’s decision dated 13 September 2023 and numbered 2022/70 E. - 2023/152 K. which was published on the Official Gazette dated 27 October 2023 and numbered… »

An In-depth Analysis of Inventorship of AI and Turkey’s Position

In recent legal debates, the patentability of AI-generated inventions has been contentious. Historically, only humans have been considered inventors, anchored in notions of personhood and intellect. Yet, in a bold move, South Africa and Australia’s Federal Court recognized AI, specifically DABUS, as a potential inventor in 2021, defying conventional views. Proponents argue that this accommodates modern innovation trends, while sceptics raise concerns about ownership rights… »

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