Madrid e-Filing Now Available to Applicants in Turkey

As a result of the cooperation between the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) and WIPO,Turkey has taken its place among thecountries that enable applicants to file their international trademark applications directly through the Madrid e-Filing service.

Before this change, the MM2 form - the application form for the registration of international trademark applications - had to be filled in manually and submitted to TURKPATENT via the EPATS - TURKPATENT’s electronic filing system - for processing.

On 24 November 2021 TURKPATENT organised a webinar giving information about the system to applicants and trademark attorneys. In order to use the system, applicants and trademark attorneys should create a user account with WIPO and fill the MM2 form directly via the link provided by WIPO.

To maintain the functionality and effectiveness of the system, international applications will continue to be accepted temporarily through both EPATS and Madrid e-Filing. Madrid e-Filing, which is a web-based solution designed to enable the quick and easy filing of international trademark applications within the

Madrid System, creates an alternative to submitting the MM2 form to the office of origin. In addition, Madrid e-Filing offers validated data, fast completion and a simple process for applicants.

As the time between the receipt of the application by TURKPATENT and its transmission to WIPO will be eliminated by the direct use of the Madrid e-Filing service, it is expected that the processing time of applications will be shortened. Further, inaccuracies in the application forms will be corrected easily by using the online tools.

First published by WTR, in 15.12.2021

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