New Electric Vehicle Import Regulations in Turkey

The Ministry of Commerce, aligning with the European Union and the Free Trade Agreement frameworks, has introduced some regulations for importing electric vehicles.

On November 29, 2023, the Communiqué on the Import of Some Electric Vehicles (the “Communiqué”) was published on the Official Gazette.

The Communiqué serves the purpose of regulating the import of electric vehicles belonging to non-European Union member states and Free Trade Agreement non-signatory states specified below with customs tariff statistical positions (“TARIC”) codes and commodity descriptions. These updates are in line with the import regime decision and involve consultations with relevant institutions.

A key change instituted by the Ministry of Commerce states that a "Permission Certificate" from the Ministry of Industry and Technology is now essential for the import of electric vehicles not originating from the European Union and Free Trade Agreement territories.

For exemption from the permission certificate, the goods must arrive with an “A.TR Movement Certificate” or an origin proof document under the relevant Free Trade Agreement.

In order for a "Permission Certificate" to be issued, all conditions below must be collectively met:

  1. Establishment of Authorized Service Stations: Importers of electric cars will be required to establish a minimum of 20 authorized service stations across Turkiye’s seven regions in accordance with TS 12047 and TSI K 646 standards for after-sales assembly, maintenance, and repair services regarding the good to be imported.
  2. Mandatory Qualification Certificates: Individuals responsible for the purchase, sale, maintenance, and repair of electric vehicles must possess a qualification certificate. These certificates, issued by TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) or the Vocational Qualifications Authority, are specific to electric vehicle handling.
  3. Turkish Call Center Requirement: Importers are also required to establish a Turkish call center for each brand of electric vehicle they import. The call center must be based in Turkiye and staffed with at least 40 personnel, ensuring adequate support for customers.
  4. In-Country Manufacturer Representation: There must be an authorized representative of the vehicle's manufacturer, residing in Turkiye, for each brand of electric vehicle imported. The representative will be responsible for various aspects of the vehicle's presence in the Turkish market.
  5. Commitment to Battery System Monitoring: A written commitment must be provided by the importer, confirming acceptance of the processes related to the monitoring, control, and inspection of battery systems.

The new regulation aims to improve consumer safety, after-sales service quality, and ensure effective management of electric vehicle ecosystems, including battery parks, charging stations, power management, and battery recycling processes.

The Communiqué will enter into force on December 29, 2023. 

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