Our Electricity Turned "Green"!

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have great news for you! As of June 2024, we have started using renewable energy sources for the electricity we consume at our headquarters.

Prioritizing sustainable environmental policies in our firm’s operations is a part of our action plan that we created to combat climate change.

To reduce our offices’ greenhouse gas emissions, we switched the electricity used in our main building in Istanbul to YEK-G certified renewable energy, provided by EPIAS.

We are aware of our roles and responsibilities in the fight against climate change, and we aim to achieve the net zero-carbon targets by decarbonizing our office's footprint. We declared 2023 as the base year and measured our GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gas Emission Factor) in accordance with ISO 14064-1 Standard by working with Escarus, a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) that provides consultancy services in the field of sustainability. The measurement methodology of our Carbon Footprint report complies with various reporting criteria such as the United Nations sustainability index scoring, CDP, TCFD, and SBT.

Our offices' greenhouse gas emissions for 2023 are 268.902 tons of CO2e, of which 36.61% is due to the electricity we consume. By abandoning the use of electricity generated from fossil fuels and switching to electricity produced from renewable sources, we have taken a very important step towards reducing our Scope 2 emissions for 2024 and the following years. The electricity consumption of our main building in Istanbul constitutes 27.91% of our total greenhouse gas emissions and 76.23% of our Scope 2 emissions.

We will monitor our GHG emissions and Carbon Footprint on an annual basis, and continue to make investments that will bring our law firm closer to the net zero-carbon target. In line with the transparency and accountability values that are part of our corporate culture, you can access our sustainability report submitted to the United Nations Global Compact and Greenhouse Gas Emission report on our website.

We are proud and very happy to contribute to our Türkiye’s green transition journey and to be a pioneer in our sector!

We will also reduce our Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions. You will hear more good news from us in the upcoming coming days.

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