Life Sciences

Practice Overview

We provide a one-stop-shop legal service for life sciences companies combining the firm’s strengths in all practice areas.

Our expertise cover wide range of life sciences products including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements, healthcare products and cosmetics.

We advise and represent trade organisations in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors in relation to all local and international aspects of their field of activity and member interests, their relations with governmental organisations and peers, as well as establishing regulatory policies, position papers and the like.

We advise clients across all phases of the business cycle of life science products including clinical trials, marketing authorization procedures, pricing and reimbursement regulations, observational studies, promotional activities and ethical rules governing relations with healthcare professionals.

We advise and represent clients in life sciences sector in relation to all types of commercial transactions and contracts including licensing, technology transfer, co-marketing, co-promotion and toll manufacturing agreements, joint research, collaboration and development schemes as well as on data privacy and competition law issues.

Combining our life sciences expertise with our employment, competition and anti-corruption expertise, we support corporate clients in compliance with the FCPA and UKBA and the corresponding Turkish rules and regulations as well as offering compliance audits and training programs.

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Mehmet Gün

Filiz Toprak Esin

Hande Hançar

Özge Atılgan Karakulak

Selin Sinem Erciyas

Thought Leadership

We focus on the key aspects of life sciences in Turkey, the most important and challenging issues in Turkey’s life sciences industry.