We are strictly against all forms of bribery, dishonesty, corruption and extortion.

We strictly abide by the codes of Attorneyship and other laws of the Turkish Republic, which is highly sensitive about compliance with these principles. In addition, we would never hesitate to sign any statement where we undertake to act in accordance with the U.S.A. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. All of our employees are aware of the legal requirements on these important matters, and how full compliance can be achieved,  as well as possible risks and sanctions.

Our office voluntarily gives support to various NGOs who act to combat bribery and corruption.

Transparency and accountability are the core principles that guide the activity of our office.

We report the time spent and expenses accrued in the course of our clientwork and how we calculate the fees payable for our services and invoice them accordingly. Our invoicing system is also transparent and accountable and reports all the data used in determination of the employees’ variable wages.

Using a consistent framework; we review our business processes regularlyand take proactive measures to eliminate inefficiency and to prevent it having an impact onour business partners, our clients, or the wider judicial system.

We strictly abide by these principles in every field of our activity from the internship applications to carrying out our client work.

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