Employment Security and Work-Life Balance

Employment Security and Work-Life Balance

We see our employees’ security as the key to corporate sustainability. In addition to the advanced employment security provisions introduced into Turkish labour laws; we also offer pension fund, and other options aimed to maintain our employee’s loyalty and promotion.

We encourage a healthy work-life balance; we observe this balance and take measures to maintain it. We offer our employees the opportunity to work from different cities as well as flexible working conditions, as far as collective team work allows it. We try to balance our employees’ busy working periods with discretionary leave and similar arrangements.

We use  advanced career plans to deepen and accelerate our employees’ development; a performance management system based around objective and subjective criteria, which is aimed at growing competence; and a mutual learning model based on the transfer of knowledge and experience between  senior and junior staff. Furthermore, we aim to prevent income inequality amongst our employees with our transparent and predictable wage system.

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