Environment and Recycling

Environment and Recycling

The environment is an essential condition for our presence.

We meet and fully abide by all applicable regulatory standards on environment. We provide training to all of our employees with the aim of increasing their environmental awareness. We take care to minimize the damage to natural resources.

To this end, we participate in a planting programme every year and instil a love of nature in students by planting new trees every year as well as making plant donations. Our founder Mehmet Gün has so far planted approximately 10,000 saplings in the remote Anatolian village where he grew up, and he has created a small forest with 1,500 cedar saplings which he has planted to replace the trees that were sacrificed for his education when he was a young boy as far as he can. He donates plants to this region every year.

We have calculated the total carbon footprint of our business and identified ways to minimize it. Additionally; we have supported the Climate Volunteers-Yuntdağ Wind Power Project and decreased our electricity consumption. By doing so, we aim to compensate for our carbon footprint.

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