Gün + Partners, which has been paving the way for many years with its institutionalisation and experience in the law sector and has achieved worldwide recognition with its development during this process, have brought together the most advanced facilities of the digital world and the profession of advocacy.

Developed to ensure the improvement of the profession, to produce better services, to better manage the institutionalisation process, and to increase efficiency and growth, GÜNCE responds to all of the requirements of law offices with integrated solutions.

GÜNCE is entirely for social benefit, with no aim of profit. Our most significant motivation in accomplishing this project has been to minimise the lawyers' need for offices by using all the possibilities of the digital world and technology, to provide systematic and secure management of their work, and to save lawyers a huge amount of time by automating all their work.

"Institutionalized advocacy will emerge as social progress in the rule of law."

Adv. Mehmet Gün


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