Patent Law in Turkey Key Developments and Predictions - 2023

After adapting to the innovations brought by the Intellectual Property Law (“IPL”) and the difficulties, it has brought into practice, this time the Turkish patent system has entered the process of adapting to the changes that have occurred after the pandemic.

In parallel with the rest of the world, new pages have been opened in the Turkish patent law system by entering a new phase after the pandemic to keep patent rights in a reasonable balance with international epidemics. In this sense, to what extent and under what conditions patent rights can be waived has brought about essential discussions. In addition, to settle on a common practice basis, especially with the countries that are party to the European Patent Convention, new developments have come to the fore, and steps have been taken to make the situation in current practices uniform before the Turkish courts. While all these developments were taking place, it was also aimed that courts of appeal and intellectual and industrial property rights would deal with disputes with a similar approach. While on certain occasions this aim has been realized, on some occasions it has not been possible. In addition, as the limits of technological progress are moving forward with each passing day, various agendas have been formed to adapt to this progress.

As can be seen, especially after the worldwide epidemic, very dynamic and controversial developments have occurred in the Turkish patent law system, and the prominent ones of these issues are discussed below:

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