Practice Overview

We are active in all aspects of copyright law in particular music, photographic, literary, architectural and artistic works of art, cinematographic works, computer software and databases, television program formats and character merchandising,

We provide clients in all business sectors with advisory, transactional, civil and criminal litigation, alternative dispute resolution services. We regularly represent clients both in civil and criminal courts, in ad hoc and institutional arbitration and mediation as well as acting as arbitrators in IP and copyright disputes.

We create and conduct anti-piracy campaigns including public awareness activities, consolidation of enforcement of various types of remedies, forming and advising alliances between rights holders, common interest groups and other similar establishments.

Our services include negotiating and drafting various copyright agreements including commissioning of copyright works, licenses, assignments, utilization, maintenance and improvement and outsourcing agreements.

We also comment on the compatibility of Turkish IP law and regulation with International treaties, interactivity with the relevant national law and regulations, and advise and represent clients on the enactment of the law.

The firm was among the pioneers of copyright enforcement in Turkey and contributed to the development of the state-of-the-art Copyright law particularly in computer software, publications and media.

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Güldeniz Doğan Alkan

Hande Hançar

Mutlu Yıldırım Köse

Uğur Aktekin

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