Dispute Management

Practice Overview

We provide litigation, arbitration and mediation services in all types of commercial and corporate matters and administrative and tax litigation.We are very familiar with common law concepts and trial procedure and provide expert advice and witness statements on Turkish law in foreign litigation.

We act as co-counsel in multinational and cross border litigation and advise and represent clients in the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign court orders in Turkey.

We handle disputes in a diverse area of commercial matters relating to agency, distribution, unfair competition, sale and purchase contracts, recovery and vindication of large scale debts, insolvency, product liability, consumer protection, insurance and reinsurance, logistics, import and export issues, anti-dumping matters and the like.

Our corporate litigation services cover joint ventures and shareholder relations, options, general assembly meetings, corporate governance and professional conduct, directors’ and officers’ liability, special auditors, temporary management, administrators and curators, minority and privileged rights, financial and banking, capital market issues and anti-trust related claims.

Our administrative litigation services include any type of actions versus governmental and administrative bodies and authorities including the Turkish Competition Authority, Capital Markets Board, Radio Television Higher Council, ranging from including actions for cancellation of all administrative regulations, decrees, communiques, resolutions, guides to individual decisions, transactions and administrative fines.

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Mehmet Gün

Aysel Korkmaz Yatkın

Filiz Toprak Esin

Hüseyin Ülgen

Thought Leadership

We focus on the four main topics of commercial dispute resolution under Turkish law, and the most important and challenging issues in commercial dispute resolution under Turkish law.