Webinar: Key Developments and Predictions for Trademark Law in Turkey - 2020 With a Focus on the Impacts of the COVID-19

Gün + Partners hosted the webinar to discuss the latest developments in Turkish trademark law, as well as the predictions for the future. The impacts of COVID-19 to the practice of trademark law and to the predictions was also covered.


Moderator: Uğur Aktekin
Speakers: Barış Kalaycı, Hande Hançar, Zeynep Seda Alhas, Mutlu Yıldırım Köse, Güldeniz Doğan Alkan, Pınar Arıkan

  • Loss of Right Due to Acquiescence in Infringement
    • Protection Scope of Weak Trademarks
    • Accuracy Assessment on Decisions of the Office
    • Registered Use Defence in Infringement Actions
    • Avoiding Genericide of Trademarks
    • The Impact of Non-Use Defence in Criminal Cases
    • Recent Practice on Colour Marks in Turkey
    • The New Trademark Examination Guideline
    • Q&A